DERMALOG Face Recognition

Security taken to another level

Fever Detection Camera FLC1

DERMALOG’s Face Recognition is known for highest accuracy and speed: around 1 billion matches per second on a single blade.Furthermore a module for spoof detection can be purchased. It will detect spoof attacks using photographs or masks.For ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) applications, such as facial registration for ePassports, DERMALOG provides an additional face module. The module ensures 100% ICAO compliance for photographs.

Efficient fever detection from DERMALOG

The new Fever Detection Camera from DERMALOG enables the precise and fast
fever control of people in a wide range of areas, including border controls
border controls as well as access controls in shops, offices, buildings, trade fairs, etc,
buildings, trade fairs, etc.

Shortness of breath
Joint pain
Sore throat
Stuffy nose

Occurrence of the most common symptoms in COVID-19 cases in China. (n = 55,924 laboratory-confirmed cases; as of 20.02.2020). Source: Robert Koch Institute

DERMALOG's new Fever Detection Camera is suitable for use in in the following areas:
  • Airports
  • border crossings
  • E-gates / e-kiosks
  • banks
  • Factories
  • hotels
  • Trade fairs and congresses
  • Government buildings
  • Ships
  • marketplaces
  • Offices
  • Public transport
  • Retail trade
  • Schools and universities
  • Retirement and nursing homes
  • Hospitals
  • stadiums
  • shops
  • etc.

With the “Body Temperature Camera”, DERMALOG has developed a solution that quickly and accurately measures body temperatures in passing and can thus significantly reduce the risk of spreading infections in many areas.

DERMALOG’s facial recognition solution provides reliable performance at all times, even under changing light conditions, for all types of people or regardless of age, gender, size or skin colour. In addition, facial biometrics can be used to enhance the security of surveillance systems, access control, mobile solutions and border control: DERMALOG’s facial recognition solutions are already integrated into the border control systems of several countries.

Main advantages of DERMALOG face recognition

DERMALOG Identification Systems GmbH, based in Hamburg, is the largest German biometrics manufacturer and is known as the Biometrics Innovation Leader. A team of scientists is constantly developing our ‘Automatic Biometric Identification Systems’ (ABIS) and ‘Automatic Fingerprint Identification Systems’ (AFIS), including cutting-edge fingerprint scanning devices. The product portfolio is complemented by biometric border control systems and biometric ID cards and passports as well as biometric voting systems.

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