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THE RLE-HYGIENESTATION – incl. face recognition, body temperature camera and hand disinfection.

Immediately ready for operation and ideally suited for your immediate action. Easy installation via plug-and-play and standard socket. Special features include recognition and identification, even with a mask worn, and direct availability of hand disinfection. Use the reliable temperature detection during the pandemic as an early warning system and automate your entrance control without additional staff. Track the status of all visitors and staff on a single day and control reporting chains directly and efficiently.

The innovative Smart Solution for numerous applications and hygienic safety in all areas:


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No matter whether in entrance areas, office buildings, shopping centres, hotels, sanitary facilities or public institutions. With the free-standing hygiene station, you can place our Smart Column in such a way that it can be used conveniently by visitors as well as employees and contributes almost automatically to the identification, disinfection and tracking of persons within the scope of the Corona regulations in your company.

The hygiene station comes to you fully assembled, including dispenser, and ready for use.

By using our Hygiene Station for the temperature and face recognition option, there is no need for staff to manually check the temperature and expose them to further risk of infection. Once users have completed the temperature check on the unit, the user’s data is automatically recorded for future logging. The stand itself contains a touch-free hand sanitiser with an alcohol-based dispenser for hand sanitising.

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The stand is designed as the control stand and does not require detainment. The time the users take to complete the temperature check and the disinfection does not exceed 5 to 7 seconds. Temperature measurement time is from 1 to 3 seconds. The rest of the time is for disinfection, which is also fully automated and contactless.

Yes, it is. Predefined logical steps are: The first step is to measure the temperature that starts the moment the user comes in and comes into focus. The second step is disinfection, which is performed by the user automatically lowering the hands under the injectors that disperse the alcohol disinfectant. The device is illustrated with the guidelines containing detailed instructions in three steps.

The primary is the English language. On-demand, it can be set on the other language. Also, complete voice guidance and audio messages are in the English language.

In addition to the temperature measurement option, the device can be used with the following options: 1. Face detection option with and without a mask (alerts high-temperature users to put on the mask) 2. Entry or check-in option for workers at the entrance (this option may have the option of measuring the temperature) 3. Option to open the doors or other security systems (to a user with a high temperature or who has not been recognized by the camera because he is not registered in the system, will not open the door or allow the use of another system that requires verification) 4. Keeping it in the database (on a daily or monthly basis) 5. An option where the temperature is exclusively measured with all other options turned off.

The device can be widely used after the epidemic/ pandemic situation as well because it is also prevention from other viral and infectious diseases. Aside from temperature measuring option, logging and user control, disinfection provides a high level of protection in microenvironments, such as factories, companies, health centers and other important locations. This creates macro protection and increases the security of the entire environment.

The time of delivery depends on the number of ordered devices and can vary up to 20-30 days. For more details, you may contact us directly.

The warranty period is 1 years from the date of installation of the device. During this time, theHola Systems is at your service for any technical or other questions regarding the device.